Rina Amiri Meets With Qatari Women Leaders

Amiri said Afghanistan should use the talents of its women and girls for achieving social and economic well-being.

The US special envoy for women, girls and human rights in Afghanistan, Rina Amiri, met with Qatari officials and leaders in Doha and discussed the situation of women and human rights in Afghanistan.

“Spent several days in Doha discussing women’s & human rights in Afghanistan & the importance of the Muslim world leading on these issues. Qatari women leaders are a great example of Muslim women in public & political roles to advance their country,” she said on twitter on Wednesday.

Amiri also met with Al Mayassa Al Thani, chairperson of the Qatar Museums Authority, and discussed her support for Afghan women and artists.

The US special envoy also talked with some of the US allies in Doha about their efforts, mainly regarding women and girls, in Afghanistan. “Spoke to many allies & partners in Doha on the importance of coordinating our efforts on girls’ education, women’s employment & human rights. Collective understanding that progress in Afghanistan will be determined by progress for women, girls & members of at-risk populations,” Amiri tweeted.

Amiri said educating girls will improve the social and economic well-being of Afghanistan. She said the US will continue engaging with the Muslim world to show rich diversity in Islam and women and girl’s place in political, economic and social spaces. “Afghanistan needs to utilize the talent of its women & girls to move towards stability & a future Afghans deserve,” she added.

According to Amiri, the all-girls Afghan robotic team is a powerful reflection of Afghan girls’ talents and vision.

Following the fall of the former US-backed government, certain restrictions were imposed on girls’ education and women’s work as last year girls beyond grade six remained out of school.

Respect for human rights has been set as one of the preconditions by the international community for recognizing the Islamic Emirate.

The Islamic Emirate, however, repeatedly said women and girls have access to all their rights under Islamic principles.

The Ministry of Education has also announced that all girls’ schools will be reopened in the new solar year.

Recently, universities have been reopened to all students, but with male and female classes separated.

Rina Amiri Meets With Qatari Women Leaders