Islamic Emirate, Iranian Officials Discuss Current Issues

Shirshah Rasooli,
TODAY – 8:53 PM

The Islamic Emirate also said it has appointed new diplomats to six embassies of Afghanistan in the regional countries.

The 26-member delegation of the Islamic Emirate held meetings with Iranian officials on political, economic, transit, security and trade issues, officials said on Sunday.

Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi in an audio recording tweeted by Bilal Karimi, deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, said the Islamic Emirate wants good relations with all countries, wants to expand its trade and transit ties with Iran, and said Iran can trade with Central Asia through Afghanistan.

Muttaqi said the technical teams from both sides held separate meetings on technical issues, and the delegation also met with the Iranian foreign minister.

“We met with the Iranian officials and held talks about the current situation (in Afghanistan), discussed political issues and security challenges,” he said.

Sakhi Ahmad Paiman, executive director of the Afghanistan Chamber of Industries and Mines, said they also talked with the Iranian officials about buying fuel, and Tehran has pledged to sell high quality fuel at cheaper prices to Afghanistan.

“Discussions were held on challenges that existed in the past, also on Chabahar port and buying fuel from Iran at an appropriate price,” he said.

In the meantime, sources from the Foreign Ministry of the Islamic Emirate in Kabul said that the ministry has appointed new diplomats to Afghanistan’s embassies in Iran, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and China.

“We have dispatched our diplomats to a number of countries and these countries have their missions open in Kabul,” said Waliullah Shaheen, head of the Center For Strategic Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Islamic Emirate, Iranian Officials Discuss Current Issues