Govt Employees Protest Unpaid Wage in Kabul

Tens of employees of Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital and Ministry of Urban Development and Land (MUDL) stage two separate demonstrations in capital Kabul to criticize their long-awaited unpaid wage.  

“I haven’t been paid for past six months. The payment of one and half month of term of (President Ashraf) Ghani remain unpaid and the salary of another five months also remain unpaid,” said Sameer Ahmad, a doctor.

“We pay money for the transportation (to come to work). The value of Dollar increased, and the price of food materials surged. We are obliged to demand our salaries,” said a female doctor.

The employees of the Sardar Mohammad Dawood Khan Hospital said that they have been scrambling with devastated economic situation.

“I pay my rent, my electricity bills. I am incapable of paying any of them anymore,” said Amina, a medical staff.

The employees of MUDL in a separate protest, called on the Islamic Emirate to introduce the new acting head for the ministry. The employees said that they haven’t received their payments for the past seven months.

“I haven’t been paid for the past seven months. I don’t have money for house rent, electricity bills and internet,” said Najibullah Dosti, an employee of the MUDL.

“Over 10,000 employees are in an uncertain destiny in capital and provinces across the country,” said Khoshbakhtullah Ayoubi.

The employees said that they were even forced to sell their home appliances to make ends meet.

“I sold my home appliance, my refrigerator,” said Sayed Ali Jan, an employee.

The Ministry of Finance said that the process of overdo payment was underwork and that some of the government departments received their salaries.

“Many departments received their salaries. The process is continuing and the rest of the departments will be paid,” said Ahmad Wali Haqmal, a spokesman for the ministry.

Govt Employees Protest Unpaid Wage in Kabul