ICRC Paying Health Worker Salaries, Buying Equipment

The ICRC has pledged to provide financial support to various health centers in Afghanistan.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is paying the salaries of 6,000 medical employees and provide medical equipment for at least 23 public hospitals, an official said. 

“The ICRC is working to remove the obstacles in the health sector. The process of supporting the hospitals will go on for some days,” said Munqad Abdul Rahman Rodwal, a senior official at the ICRC.

“The ICRC is providing salaries for employees of 15 health centers across Afghanistan so far. It has provided health products as well.”

This comes as the Afghan health sector is facing a potential collapse.

“I am as happy as a new born child as I receive my salary today,” said Nik Mohammad, a health employee.

Afghan health officials called on the international community to prevent the health sector from a l possible collapse.

“We call on the health organization help us in the health sector because the number of patients is overwhelming… the amount of medical equipment has dropped,” said a doctor.

The ICRC earlier pledged that it would provide financial support to at least 23 health centers across Afghanistan.

ICRC Paying Health Worker Salaries, Buying Equipment