Afghan Women Protest for Their Rights, Criticize Intl ‘Silence’

26 Oct 2021

Women said the international community must not stay silent over the situation of Afghan women.

A number of Afghan women took to the streets in Kabul on Tuesday in reaction to what they said are limitations in exercising their rights, and criticized the silence of the international community, including the United Nations and human rights institutions, over the issue.

The women protesting in Kabul said although more than two months have passed, the Islamic Emirate has failed to pave the way for girls to return to schools or women to return to their jobs.

“We have come here to raise our voice in reaction to the international community’s silence over the situation in Afghanistan,” said Arifa Fatimi, a protester.

“Today half of Afghanistan’s population has been removed. We are deprived of our rights,” said Marjan Amiri, another protester.

Meanwhile, a number of women’s rights activists said that based on Sharia Law, women have the right for education and work and urged the international community to not stay silent in this regard.

“If the international community makes remarks and takes action, it can remove the limitations against women in exercising their basic rights,” said Zarqa Yaftali, a women rights activist.

Beheshta Yaqoubi, a former commissioner of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, said if the Islamic Emirate wants to have engagement with the world, then it has to observe women’s rights.

“If the government wants to engage with the world, then it is obligated to respect human rights, women’s rights, and international laws,” Yaqoubi said.

Protests continue in Kabul although the Islamic Emirate has repeatedly said it will provide the education and employment opportunities for girls and women under Islamic law.

Despite several attempts, TOLOnews could not obtain comments from the Islamic Emirate on today’s protest and the women’s demands.

Afghan Women Protest for Their Rights, Criticize Intl ‘Silence’