Blasts Hit Mosque in Kandahar, 32 Killed

Eyewitnesses said three back-to-back explosions hit the mosque causing high casualties.

A bombing attack occurred at Imam Bargah Fatimeyah mosque in the southern province of Kandahar on Friday, local officials told TOLOnews.

The targeted mosque is in Kandahar city’s police district one (PD1).

The mosque is visited by members of the Shia community.

The explosions occurred during Friday prayers.

Eyewitnesses said three back-to-back explosions hit the mosque, one of the biggest in Kandahar city, causing high casualties.

According to eyewitnesses, three men equipped with guns and explosives first opened fire on the worshipers and then detonated their explosives in three different parts of the city.

Local officials told TOLOnews that 32 people were killed and over 70 others wounded.

The United Nations Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA) condemned the attack, saying those behind the incident should be brought to justice.

Zabihullah Mujahid, deputy minister for the Ministry of Information and Culture, also condemned the attack and called it a major crime.

Former president Hamid Karzai condemned the attack as well.

No group has yet claimed responsibility.

This attack follows a similar attack that hit a Shia mosque in Kunduz last Friday.

That attack also happened during Friday prayers and killed nearly 50 worshipers, injuring 150 people, according to officials.

Daesh claimed responsibility for the Kunduz mosque attack.

Blasts Hit Mosque in Kandahar, 32 Killed