MoJ to Enforce Zahir Shah-Era Constitution

28 September 2021

For an interim period, the constitution from the time of the Afghan king will be enforced, except for some articles against Sharia Law and Emirate principles.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) on Tuesday said that the constitution from King Zahir Shah’s era will be enforced in the country for an interim period.

Acting Justice Minister Abdul Hakim Sharie made the remarks in his meeting in Tuesday with the Chinese ambassador to Afghanistan Wang Yu.

Sharie also said the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will respect international laws that are not against Sharia Law and the Emirate’s principles.

In a statement posted on the Justice Ministry website, Sharie said: “The Islamic Emirate will enforce the constitution from the era of King Zahir Shah, Afghanistan’s last king, for an interim period, except those articles that are in conflict with Sharia Law and the principles of the Islamic Emirate.”

Meanwhile, the Cultural Commission of the Ministry of Information and Culture said the King Shah-era constitution will be enforced until a new constitution is put in place.

King Zahir Shah’s constitution has 11 chapters and 128 articles. According to the document, the king is the ultimate authority in decision-making.

Sources told TOLOnews that the enforcement of the King Zahir Shah-era constitution was repeatedly put forward by the negotiating team of the Islamic Emirate in the intra-Afghan talks in Doha.

MoJ to Enforce Zahir Shah-Era Constitution