Taliban Says It Will Not Enter Kabul by Force

Amid uncertainty in Kabul and fears that the city will collapse, the Taliban in a statement on Sunday said it will not enter the city of Kabul by force. 

The group said that talks are underway with the other side to negotiate entering Kabul in a way to prevent harm to the people.

The Taliban ordered its members to wait near the Kabul gates and not try to enter the city.

The Taliban said the government will be responsible for the security of Kabul until “the transition process” is done

Taliban said it is not seeking revenge and that all civilian and military officials will remain safe.

Acting Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said Kabul will not be attacked and that the transition will happen peacefully.

He assured Kabul residents that security forces will ensure the security of the city.

Meanwhile, on Sunday former President Hamid Karzai met with Abdullah Abdullah, head of the reconciliation council, Karzai’s office said.

In the meeting, they discussed the necessary requirements to send an authoritative delegation to Qatar for negotiations with the Taliban.

President Ghani and political leaders on Saturday agreed to appoint an authoritative delegation to negotiate further steps in the transition with the Taliban.

Taliban Says It Will Not Enter Kabul by Force